New Covid-19 Session Information

Now the time has come to head back to Nice Touch Treatment room for face to face sessions. I have put new guidelines in place as result of the covid-19 threat, following guidelines from the Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) in place for everyone's safety. Please read on for full details.

Why we suffer from Issues & how SFH can help

Why do we suffer from issues like anxiety, anger, depression? How are these created? How do we move forward in our lives, free from these issues? We have two mindsets – the intellectual mindset which is rational and always sees things with a balanced perspective, and an emotional primitive mindset also known as our "flight fight freeze" response. When we are feeling anxious or depressed, we respond to situations using this emotional primitive mind. So what can we do about it.

Overcome issues and start moving forward with a Free Initial Consultation

Overcome issues and start moving forward with a Free Initial Consultation Book Today It has been 5 weeks since our lives changed in a way we have never experienced before. This pandemic has created global anxiety, fear and frustration. On top of this massive change, people are still dealing with previous issues such as lack of confidence, feeling insecure, anxiety, dealing with sickness or grief. Any issues you were currently facing before this crisis have only been magnified, I’m sure. Maybe this pandemic means you have more time on your hands to work on things you have been struggling with.

Be Kind to Strangers

This is the final part of three blog posts on Kindness. The first ‘Be kind to yourself’ about letting yourself off the hook, the second ‘Be kind to your household’ especially when they are trying your patience which can be read by clicking the links. This one is focusing on being kind to strangers. Kindness is like a viral YouTube video. Every person who sees it feels like sharing it with others.
be kind

Be Kind to your household

This is the second instalment of three blog posts on Kindness. The first was Be kind to yourself, this one is focusing on being kind to those in your household and the last one will cover being kind to strangers.
Be Kind

Be Kind to Yourself

Be Kind to yourself. Covid-19 is a very real threat and we all have our part to play in flattening the curve but the uncertainty, fear and panic are making things so much more difficult. We are all in a very stressful climate right now. Maybe this week you ate too much rubbish or let your kids play on the Xbox for too long, because you needed a break. Let yourself of the hook, you are trying the best you can in very difficult circumstances.
Free Online / Phone Clinic

Free Online/Phone Clinic

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 there has been a lot of fear and uncertainty. This brings with it an increase in our anxiety levels and increased panic. Many are facing job losses and along with this we are now in lock down. Which means isolation and loneliness for many people. If you feel you could benefit from my clinic please read on.
Hello Positivitys guide to Self Care

Hello Positivity’s guide to Self Care

Its safe to say that the outbreak of COVID-19 means it is a very scary time right now and it doesn’t look to be getting much better any time soon. With all the uncertainty and fear its natural that people’s anxiety levels are increasing and with more and more people having to self-isolate, it can also be pretty boring which can lead to feelings of frustration. It is important to keep doing things that will keep your mental health in a good place. Read on for Hello Positivity's guide to Self Care and discover ways that you can look after your mental health throughout this period.
Creating Positivity

Creating Positivity – One Small Step at a Time

Having a positive mindset is associated with lower stress levels, higher levels of physical and emotional wellbeing, a stronger immune system, better cardiovascular health and higher levels of resilience in difficult situations. However, this is not toxic positivity, it’s important to know that all feelings and emotions are valid. Sometimes being positive can seem impossible for some. Why is this?
change your thinking

Helpful ways to change your Thinking

You have heard all the benefits of positive thinking, but try as you might you just cant get into the mindset. You are not alone. When we are stressed, anxious or depressed we tend to use our primitive brain – your fight or flight response. This brain is negative – it needs to always think of the worst possible scenario so it can ‘protect you’. It’s obsessional, it will continue to ruminate on negative thoughts as it thinks by reminding you of the ‘threat’ it will keep you from it. This works for a real-life tangible threat, but not when we are only feeling this threat in our minds eye. It’s ok that positive thinking doesn’t come naturally. The good news is that It is a habit, and like all habits we can develop it with practice. The more you practice the better you will become at it.